ExoScape Update #3

Updates of the server are here, read them for more in-depth ideas of future content!
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ExoScape Update #3

Post by pexo » Tue Jun 25, 2019 8:26 am

New Update!
So, I revamped brawler gloves and renamed them!
The Sub benefits are only for Extreme players!
Experience benefits are universal however they do change with current rate.
Extreme players will enjoy 4 times experience in all stats while wearing the gloves.
Normal players will get 2 times experience,
Fun players will get 1.25 times experience.
Melee Gloves
Master Melee
Rapid Ranger's
Mage's Magic
-No Melee benefits, just xp benefits and colors...

Skilling Gloves

Priest's Prayers
- 40% chance of having your used bone saved.
Agile Alteration
- Restores stamina 5 times faster
Chopping Choppers
- Chops anything over 6 ticks in 5 ticks. (Any tree that would have taken more than 6 swings will now only take 5)
Furious Fires
- 4 times more experience
Multi Miners
- Mines 2 ores.
Hunting Hunters
- When catching Chinchompa's players will receive double Chinchompa's!
Tweaked Thievers
- Thieving from stalls grants double items!
Saving Smithers
- Halves the coal needed for smithing Mithril, Adamantite, or Runite
Fishy Fishers
- You catch one extra fish!
Cook's Cookers
- Never burn again!

More Updates:

  • - Death timer was 120 seconds, it is now 300 seconds. (Items will take 5 minutes to despawn.
    - Added Morte Myre Fungus to secondaries Herblore Shop.
    - Adjusted Herblore Shop pricing.

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